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How Does  Paygle Connect?

Integrated card statement data

Paygle currently ingests  customer card statement data for AMEX, Diners, Mastercard, VISA.  With established connections in place it’s easy for you to deploy your data into our PCI DSS secure system.  

Our Virtual Card data exchange is established with major global players like WEX and Airplus or AMEX BTA data are just a few clicks away.

Within the Reconciliation UI you can view and search all of your Individual, Central or Virtual card data as if you were logging onto your bank provider.

Bank statement data

Paygle’s streamlined self provisioning software allows you to connect your bank data to Paygle with any Banking Provider operating within Australasia.  From the big 4 to regional banks or International players like HSBC & ING, Paygle’s got you covered.

Customer and Supplier

Paygle is a market leader in the receipt and processing of third party financial data for corporations.  A multifaceted approach to accepting data allowing you to capture all your Invoice and remittance documentation on timer every time. 

From sophisticated OCR backed up by machine learning or direct connections to multiple accounting systems Paygle is built to collect, extract and store the key information you need to allocate items automatically.

Does your customer or supplier not deliver information on time? No problem Paygle’s ingelligent chase system kicks in to ensure you get what you need ready to close out every month.

ERP/Accounting connect

Paygle collects accounting information from your accounting system and/or payment gateway provider of choice.  By understanding your Ledger and Invoice data Paygle brings all of your data points together in real time setting you up for precision delivery. Xero, MYOB, Netsuite & Pronto are just a few of the systems we talk to today

Do you Travel?  Paygle connects to TMC’s like Corporate Traveller, FCm and Egencia to pull in all of your coded transaction booking data and associated invoices.  We combine this to reconcile payment cards automatically for you, removing one of the highest volume invoice processing areas for any company.  Points cards can be used without the admin pain unlocking significant additional value in your business.

Paygle Security

In bringing all of this data together for a company security is a common concern.

Fear not Paygle meets multiple security and privacy standards and is built on the internationally recognised Azure platform.  We meet the high standards of banks and accounting software partners to securely receive and deliver data on behalf of our customers every day.

For more information visit our Security & Protection section.

How can Paygle help your business?

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