Our History  what’s our mission?

The company’s CEO and founder identified back in 2010 the corporate opportunity of automation, specifically in relation to credit card reconciliation, e-invoice generation/distribution, electronic document management and consolidated reporting. Being a finance professional with over 20+ years’ experience and having worked in Academia, Travel and Hospitality and the Automotive IT Industry, it was evident that all industries faced similar challenges with these administration challenges.

Not only were reconciliation challenges an issue with the Administration department in relation to payments, they were also affecting travellers who were and are still to a large degree, frustrated with the paper trail associated with all matters relating to expense claims.

The vision was to create a seamless transactional journey for all stakeholders which saved time, money and provided a value add solution which was scalable and easy to manage. The environmental benefits that are attached to this solution are also a plus for business and our environment.

How does it work? – well by using it’s unique universal collect engine Paygle collects invoices, remittances and company documentation in any format from a data exchange, to email or PDF.  Paygle matches this to company data points and delivers the result seamlessly into the relevant customer systems, whilst archiving all information within its secure, easy to use, user interface.

Today Paygle is supporting a number of  organisations globally. Paygle also operates on the ATO backed Peppol exchange, connecting to customer and supplier accounting systems to deliver data in an approved fully electronic secure environment. Paygle provides reconciliation services using credit card and banking data in conjunction with its partner network, on behalf of all the major Australian banks and Credit card institutions, for its customers.

Paygle’s continuing goal is to provide trusted data automation and reconciliation systems that learn and expand in line with customer requirements, providing a complete automated and seamless user experience.

Let Paygle power your business needs!