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An authorised eReceipt provider, Paygle can not only push eReceipts directly into your Concur instance, but it also has the smarts to automatically determine which organisation user should receive it.

Paygle Connect for Concur can: deliver eReceipts that will match the assoicated credit card charge data that is imported into Concur; or for those customers that are On Account, automatically create expense entries prior to sending an eReceipt.

Where your customers need additional data delivered into Concur, Paygle Connect for Concur can also deliver customised information into Custom fields, including fields that are driven by Concur Lists.

Paygle Connect   for Fraedom

With Paygle Connect for Fraedom, you can use Paygle to deliver On Account transactional data directly into Fraedom via the Fraedom TX Module.

For other customers, Paygle Connect for Fraedom can delivery beautiful looking PDF documents into the Image Library.


Paygle Connect for Post allows Paygle to integrate with systems that don’t have good integration capabilities.

Use Paygle Connect for Post to create custom file formats that can be batched and delivered periodically via an FTP transfer. If FTP is not possible, files can also be emailed.

Paygle Connect   for Xero

Paygle’s integration with Xero allows the delivery of receipts under Xero’s Expense Claim module, or the delivery of Bills under the Invoicing module.

Not just restricted to one way integration, Paygle Connect for Xero can also retrieve and deliver invoices to your customers via Paygle.

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