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How Paygle works

Paygle complements any system which requires a consumer to make a payment for goods or services.

Paygle’s smart integration technology, enhances the receipting and invoicing process, so that the consumer no longer needs to collect a physical paper receipt or an email – instead these documents are sent to the consumers Paygle Account either on the Mobile Phone App or in their online account and the consumer can then redirect these documents easily to any Expense Management system or Accounting System or any other system or person they wish (e.g. their Accountant).

The features within Paygle give back valuable time to business users and to consumers and allow for a better more integrated and seamless transactional journey…save time, money and frustration when using Paygle…never lose a receipt or invoice again and reconcile your credit card statements with ease by being able to match your invoices with your credit card transactions easily and swiftly!

Discover the Power of Paygle®

Integrated at the Point of Sale

Paygle is transparently integrated at the Point of Sale. Use any rewards card that you have linked to your Paygle account.

Harness the Power of Paygle

View, track, search and catalog your transaction documentation inside Paygle. Never lose receipts, warranties, statements or any other documents. Transaction records at your fingertips anywhere in the world.

Access the full Lifecycle

The purchase of an item is only the begining. View, track and search on related documents such as warranties, service documents and manuals.

We're in this together

Paygle for consumers is coming soon. Click the link below, register your interest and when it arrives we'll let you know
how Paygle can help deliver you less clutter and more lifestyle